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 A debut psychological thriller that will most likely forever change how you evaluate some other people's lives.
Rachel takes the exact same commuter train every single morning. each and every day she rattles along the monitor, flashes past a elongate of cozy suburban property, as well as stops toward the alert which allows this girl to daily see the exact same few breakfasting on their deck. She’s additionally established to feel like she knows them. “Jess as well as Jason,” she phone calls them. Any existence—since she sees it—is ideal. Not as opposed to the life she recently missing.

Right after which she sees something shocking. It’s exclusive a moment up until the train moves through, however it’s enough. Nowadays everything’s modified. Unable in order to maintain it in order to herself, Rachel offers what she knows in order to the authorities, and additionally becomes inextricably entwined as part of what happens following, nicely as as part of the lives of people involved. Has she ready a lot more damage than good?

The compulsively readable, psychologically immersive, Hitchcockian adventure story which draws reviews in order to Gone woman, The hushed Wife, or perhaps Before we choose to Sleep, this particular is a strong electrifying first accepted with visitors around markets and also groups

Editorial Reviews

   “The novel has reached the very best in the event of the highest possible confusion, after neither the reader nor the narrators know what exactly is taking place” – The Financial Times  

   “Given the amount of titles which are declared in order to be 'the next' of a bestseller . . . manual fans need each and every great to try to be wary. However Paula Hawkins’ novel The Girl on the Train might just produce attained the title of 'the upcoming Gone woman.”—Christian Science Monitor   
   “The Girl on the Train has much more fun with unreliable narration than any kind of chiller since Gone Girl. . . . The Girl on the Train is truly accountable to draw extreme, bedazzled audience too. . . . The Girl on the Train is filled with in return-stabbing, none of it literal.”—Janet Maslin, The NY Times   

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